Do You Leave the Mesh Cover on a Metal Fire Pit While Burning a Fire?

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A well-placed fire pit creates a cosy ambience on your patio or deck. Light a fire in your fire pit with seasoned wood or charcoal, and enjoy its warmth. Use your fire pit to roast marshmallows or hot dogs. Many dish-type fire pits come with mesh screens designed to keep you safe and shelter the fire from wind.


In most cases, the mesh cover is made for use as a screen while you are burning a fire in the fire pit. The screen protects you from flying sparks and may offer some protection in the event that you bump into the fire pit. The screen may also shelter the fire from winds.


Of course, remove the screen temporarily if you are roasting marshmallows or adding more wood. Some mesh screens may withstand heat but are not made to withstand direct contact with flames. Read your owner's manual, and maintain the fire so flames don't reach the screen.


When choosing wood, select dry, small pieces of cedar, pine, hickory or mesquite. Avoid large chunks of wood that protrude over the edges of the fire pit, and don't use any wood that has been pressure treated or that contains creosote or paint. These woods may have a chemical smell, green hue or obvious signs of paint. Remove ashes from the fire pit the day after use, and store your fire pit in a dry location. Many fire pits come with covers to protect them from wind and rain.


Treat fire pits with care to avoid injuries and accidental fire. Never run or roughhouse around a lit fire pit, and teach children to stay away from it. Never light a fire pit indoors. They are designed for outdoor use only. Keep a first-aid kit close by to treat burns, and avoid using gasoline to light your fire pit.

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