How to Set Up a Laptop Webcam

Updated April 17, 2017

Laptop computers with built-in webcams are a great resource for any user. Not only can users chat with live video, they can also take still pictures and save videos, as well as play and send videos without any other equipment. Once the webcam is set up, the user can access it by going to the Start menu, then All Progams, and then locating the webcam. The webcam will then appear, along with any video or pictures previously saved.

Go to the Start menu. This varies depending on which operating system the computer is running. For Windows Vista and Windows 7, this will be the Windows icon located in the lower-left corner of the screen. For all other versions of Windows, it is the icon that says "Start," located in the lower-left corner.

Select "All Programs."

Locate the program running the webcam. The webcam program will have the manufacturer name of the computer plus the name of the webcam software; for example, the webcam on a Dell would be under "Dell webcam Central i" on the "All Programs" menu.

Select "Set up webcam."

Follow the instructions on the installation wizard.

Click "Finish" on the last page of the wizard. The webcam is successfully set up and will run automatically the next time the program is selected.

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