How to Convert Alb Music Files to MP3

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Alpha Software files, created by the Alpha Five applications, are known as .ALB files. While you may have a number of these extensions saved on your computer for any reason, they may not be among the most compatible files with other programs. You can combat this problem by converting your .

ALB files to the more accessible MP3 file type. You can do this in just minutes using a number of free online resources.

Open the iTunes player on your computer and click on your ALB file.

Select "Edit" and "Preferences" in the upper menu bar. Click "Import Using:" in the "Preferences" window and select "MP3 Encoder." Click "OK."

Click on your ALB file again and click "Advanced" in the upper menu.

Select "Create MP3 Version" in the "Advanced" menu and your file will load in your library in its new format.

Open on your Web browser and click "Browse" on the home page.

Click your ALB file in the pop-up menu and click "Open."

Select "MP3" in the drop-down menu and enter your e-mail address.

Click "Convert" and the file will be sent to your e-mail address as a new MP3 file.

Open and click "Upload a File" in the main menu.

Click "Browse," select your file and click "OK."

Click "On to the Next Step" and click "MP3" in the drop-down menu on the next page.

Click "Convert" and your file will be converted and loaded on the following page.