How to Convert a DCF File to an MP3

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DCF files are copyright-protected files that can only be opened by DRM (Digital Rights Management) compatible devices. This means that your favourite digital audio file with a .dcf filename extension will not play just anywhere.

Converting your DCF file to MP3 format is an alternative solution for this problem, since MP3 format is widely recognised by almost all media players. Audio file converter software can be downloaded from the Internet and installed on your computer for free--such as Audio Record Wizard, Switch Plus Audio Converter or many others.

Open the audio converting software or website on your computer.

Click on the Browse button at the end of the File box located at the upper-left hand corner of the window.

Locate the DCF file (.dcf) on your computer using the audio converting software's pop-up browser.

Select the input format on the drop down list located at the upper-right hand corner, in the event that the software's auto detection fails.

Select MPEG-1/2 Audio layer 3 (.mp3) from the output format's drop down list located at the lower-left hand corner of the window.

Click the OK button located at the lower-right hand corner of the window to start the dcf file conversion to mp3.

Choose a location on your computer where you wish to save the converted file.