How to Replace the Side Mirrors on a 2001 Land Rover Discovery 2

Written by zyon silket | 13/05/2017
How to Replace the Side Mirrors on a 2001 Land Rover Discovery 2
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The Land Rover Discovery 2 is equipped for off-road traversing. Its design allows for a large amount of abuse. Although the Land Rover is built to very rugged standards, you may find that the side view mirrors still crack if struck hard enough. If this happens, you must remove the mirrors and replace them with new ones to ensure you meet proper safety standards when you drive the vehicle.

Turn the mirror to one side in the mirror assembly with the electronic control module located on the driver's side door of the Land Rover. If you replace the driver's side mirror, turn the right side of the mirror as far into the assembly as possible. If replacing the passenger mirror, turn the left side of the mirror into the housing. This pushes the opposite side of the mirror out of the housing so you can grab hold of it.

Slide your fingers behind the mirror glass and press on the front of the glass with your thumb. With a firm grip, pull out on the mirror to pull the retaining bracket off the mirror's motor located inside of the assembly.

Place the new mirror lens into the assembly. The tight tolerance of the Land Rover's mirror assembly forces the retaining brackets on the back of the lens to line up with the motor.

Push on the front of the lens with the ball of your fist to push the retaining brackets around the motor. This holds the mirror in place.

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