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How to Remove a Bathroom Wall Mirror

Updated February 21, 2017

Removing a wall mirror in a bathroom or any part of a home can be somewhat challenging. The most common reason for removing it is when a bathroom or entire residence is being renovated. A mirror is generally attached by one of two methods. Either it is glued to the wall or it is screwed into it. It is simpler to remove a mirror that is simply screwed into place. Glued-on mirrors require a little more work.

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  1. Cover the surrounding area of the wall mirror with a tarp or old bed sheet to protect the area from possible broken glass.

  2. Remove the plastic caps from the mirror. The caps are placed over the screws for aesthetic purposes and are located on the four corners of the mirror. Remove a cap by pulling it towards you.

  3. Ask a friend to hold the mirror in place while you unscrew the screws. There are usually four to unscrew on a standard bathroom mirror.

  4. Assist your friend in carrying the mirror out of the bathroom.

  5. Measure a length of cutout wire. Make sure that it is three feet longer than the height of the mirror.

  6. Cut the wire and attach each end to a holder by wrapping the wire ends around wooden blocks, which you will use as holders. If the wire was purchased as part of a kit, it should already have handles attached, so you don't need to use wooden holders. Ensure both ends of the wire are firmly secured to the handle or holder.

  7. Place the wire behind the top edge of the wall mirror between the mirror and the wall. Ask a friend to hold one handle while you hold the other handle. Then tighten the wire around each of your handles until the wire beneath the mirror is pulled taut.

  8. Position the wire at a diagonal angle beneath the mirror's edge. Pull the wire in one direction and then another in a sawing motion, forcing it deeper behind the mirror. Maintain the tautness of the wire while pulling. The wire will saw through the glue on the mirror's back. Continue the process down the full mirror length until all the glue has been completely cut through. You can also ask a third assistant to hold the mirror in place, against the wall, until you finish cutting through the glue.

  9. Carry the mirror out of the room when you have completely detached it from the wall.

  10. Tip

    Cutout wire is a high-strength steel braided wire. It is used by mechanics and hardware shops and is readily available in local hardware stores. You can also order it online by itself or as a kit that includes windshield removal tools and includes handles.


    Wear work gloves, protective goggles and heavy-duty footwear to protect against glass splinters. Proceed with caution when handling heavy mirrors.

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Things You'll Need

  • Tarp or old bed sheet
  • Screwdriver
  • Cutout wire
  • Wooden blocks or other holders

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