How to Sync iCal to Blackberry

Updated February 21, 2017

The iCal calendar application for Mac computers and MacBooks allows you to make separate calendars for home and work. You can add notifications that will alert you on your computer, hide personal or private entries and even sync iCal to your BlackBerry. Syncing iCal to your BlackBerry will keep you up-to-date with all your important events, and transport all of your notifications to your phone without you having to manually transfer all the data.

Install BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac onto your computer. Go to the BlackBerry website (see Resources), and select "Apps & Software." Click "BlackBerry Desktop Manager," then "Download for Mac."

Click "Download" at the bottom of the Download for Mac web page.

Plug one end of your BlackBerry USB cable cord into your phone and the other end of the USB cable into your Mac's USB output.

Open "Mac Finder" from the Mac Dock. Select "Macintosh HD," then click on "Applications."

Click the "BlackBerry Desktop Manager" icon to open the program.

Click "iCal" or "Calendar" from the "Information" section located in the left pane.

Click "Two Way."

Select "All Calendars" to sync all of your iCal calendars to your BlackBerry. If there are specific calendars that you'd like to sync, select "Selected Calendars," then click to check the boxes next to the calendars you want to specifically sync.

Click "Sync."

Unplug your phone from the computer and the USB cable.

Things You'll Need

  • USB cable
  • BlackBerry
  • Mac computer or MacBook
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