How to Connect a Bluetooth Earpiece to a Nokia Phone

Updated April 17, 2017

You can connect a Bluetooth earpiece to your Nokia phone to make it easier for you to accept and make calls while you are driving or walking on the street. You can easily sync the Bluetooth earpiece to your Nokia phone in just a few minutes from your cell phone's main menu and the Bluetooth device. Once these two devices are properly synced, you can use Bluetooth to connect to your phone and control it wirelessly. This will allow you to also transfer files from your personal computer or other phones.

Click your Nokia phone's Menu tab on the home screen of your phone, and select "Settings" from your Main Menu.

Select "Connectivity," and go to "Bluetooth" in your "Settings" menu.

Click your "Bluetooth Settings," and enter your name for the phone in your "My phone's name" option. Make sure that "Hidden" is unselected under "My phone's visibility."

Turn your Bluetooth earpiece on, and return to your phone's "Connectivity" menu to start syncing your device to your earpiece.

Search for your Bluetooth earpiece in your list of available connections. Select "Connect," and enter your passcode for your earpiece to start connecting. You can now receive files or calls through your Bluetooth device by simply opening it on the phone or pressing your earpiece's answer button.

Select "Options," and go to "Send" and "Via Bluetooth" through your main menu to start sending a file.

Click the file you wish to send, and click on "Select" to allow your phone to populate a list of your available connections.

Select the appropriate connection, and click "Accept" as soon as it is paired to send your file.

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