How to Change Gear Knobs

Updated February 21, 2017

The gear knob of your car is the large knob attached to the top of car gear lever rod. If you've been driving the same car for years, the surface of the gear knob might be worn. Fix this problem by replacing the knob with a new one and sprucing up your vehicle's interior. A lot of aftermarket manufacturers offer speciality gear knobs.

Check the gear knob in your car to see how it is mounted. There might be threads machined into the gear rod your knob is screwed onto. Or there might be an Allen screw at the base of your knob to secure it to the rod.

Turn the knob counter-clockwise to release it from the rod.

Do not force the knob if it does not want to unscrew. This probably means the knob is attached to your gear rod using an Allen head fitting. Use an Allen wrench to unscrew the fitting until you are able to lift off your gear knob.

Install your new knob. Turn the knob clockwise onto your car's gear rod, or by sliding the knob onto the rod and tightening its screw to your knob's base.


When purchasing a replacement gear knob, check the make and year of the vehicles listed on the packaging. This ensures you get the right gear knob for your car or truck.

Things You'll Need

  • Allen wrench
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