How to Replace a Headlight in a Chrysler Sebring

Updated July 19, 2017

Chrysler introduced the Sebring in 1995 as an answer to Mitsubishi's Galant. Three generations later, the Sebring has become a forerunner in the affordable midsize vehicle arena. Sebring headlights are an essential feature and using them is not only in the best interest of your safety, but also the law. Headlight bulbs for your model can be found at most auto parts stores and your Chrysler dealership. With the correct tools and a little concentration, you can replace the headlight bulb without extensive car knowledge.

Open the bonnet and secure it with the hood prop. Locate the top of the headlight you wish to replace. Remove the two mounting screws with the wrench.

Wedge the flathead screwdriver between the underside of the fasteners and the car. Gently lift and wiggle the screwdriver to pry off the fasteners.

Grip the headlight casing and, using a wiggling and pulling motion, carefully pull it away from the car. If you are changing the headlight on the driver's side, you may have to remove the air filter cover and push the power component aside.

Locate the connector of the bulb you wish to replace. This will be a small circular knob located within a larger circle. For the driver's side, the high beam is located on the left side of the headlight casing and the low beam on the right. The positions are opposite for the passenger's side.

Turn the connector knob a quarter turn counterclockwise and pull it toward you to remove it from the headlight casing.

Carefully twist the bulb to disconnect it from the connector. Without touching the new bulb, twist it into the connector.

Feed the new bulb back through the opening in the headlight casing and turn the connector a quarter turn clockwise to secure it into place.

Gently push the headlight casing back into its place in the front of the car. Push down on the fasteners to click them back into place.

Reattach the mounting screws securely, but avoid over-tightening them. If you had to remove the air filter cover and adjust the position of the power component, be sure to return them to their correct position.


Avoid touching the new bulb, as the oil from your fingers may damage it.


Exercise extreme caution when working with any electrical components of a vehicle.

Things You'll Need

  • New bulb, specific to your car's model year
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Flathead screwdriver
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