How to Look Up Addresses With Phone Numbers

Updated July 20, 2017

Most communication these days is done via the Internet or cellphones, but occasionally you need to use old-fashioned "snail mail." Or maybe you have an old friend's phone number and want to pay them a surprise visit. Either way, checking the mailing address of someone whose landline number you have is easy. If you have their cellphone number, it's trickier and will cost you some money.

Use your Internet browser to find the WhitePages website.

Click on the Reverse Phone tab, located second from the right.

Type the phone number you wish to track and press find. A name and address should pop up, as well as a map showing the residence. If it is a cellphone number, you will get a vague, and occasionally inaccurate, description of the cellphone's location.

Follow all steps of Section 1.

Click on the "Current Name and Address registered to [phone number] available" or similar link to the right of the map.

On the pop-up window, choose what kind of membership you want, and enter your billing information. Click on the Submit Order button on the bottom of the page. You should receive the address linked to the cellphone number.


If you are looking up a cellphone address, remember that it will cost you money. There are websites other than WhitePages that will look up these addresses; if you choose to go with one of them, make sure that they are legitimate before giving them your credit card information.

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