How to Resolve Green Ghosting on a Sony KDF50E2010 TV

Written by nick miles | 13/05/2017
How to Resolve Green Ghosting on a Sony KDF50E2010 TV
(Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images)

The Sony HDF50E2010 is a 50-inch LCD rear projection TV. The set offers the high picture quality of LCD screens at the lower price point associated with projection televisions. If you are experiencing green ghosting, or other image problems, you may have connected the device or adjusted its picture settings incorrectly.

Check the connection to any device you are attempting to view on the set's screen. It is especially important that component cables -- which include red, blue and green colour video cables -- are connected correctly. If one of the cables is loose or plugged into the wrong port, colours will not display as they should. A green image, in particular, would indicate a problem with the red or blue video connector.

Try using another cable or device with the TV. If other devices or cables work correctly, you can deduce that the problem is not with the TV and try adjusting the settings on the device.

Press the "Menu" key on your remote, select "Settings" and check the Picture settings. If the Color setting is too high, colours can bleed and create ghosting images. If the image is still green, try setting the Hue to Neutral or Warm, which adds a red tint to the image to combat the green hue. You can also try selecting one of Sony's default picture settings. The Standard setting provides the most neutral picture.

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