Instructions to Set the Color on a Hitachi TV

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Your Hitachi TV possesses a number of colour settings that can be utilised to incrementally or even drastically change the way colours are displayed on your television's screen Picture modes, colour temperatures, contrast levels and general brightness may all be altered. Fortunately, no assistance is required to make these changes and you can set the colour on your Hitachi TV even if you have no experience with television setting adjustments.

Press the "Menu" button on your Hitachi TV. This button is on the top of the remote and just to the left of the arrow/navigation buttons. This will take you into the menu section of the television where you may adjust colour settings.

Use the four navigation arrow keys on the centre of the remote control to move up and down the menu screen and select different options. Highlight the "Picture Mode" listing and press the "Select" button. This button is at the very centre of the remote, and the navigation buttons form its perimeter.

Choose a picture mode that most closely provides the look and colour setting you are aiming for. There is "Day" or "Night." The former is better for daytime viewing of your TV screen while the latter is better for nighttime viewing.

Adjust the brightness of the Hitachi TV further by selecting the "Brightness" setting under the menu list. Use the left and right navigation buttons to alter the brightness. The left navigation key will lower brightness while the right key will increase it incrementally.

Change the contrast level of the Hitachi TV to further set your colour preferences. Highlight and choose the "Contrast" selection on the menu.

Use the left and right navigation buttons on your Hitachi's remote control as before to alter the contrast, with the left button decreasing the contrast level and the right button increasing it. A greater contrast will create a more striking difference between the black and white levels on your display. Setting the contrast too high may cause a lack of detail and a loss of picture information, however.

Change the colour temperature of your Hitachi TV. The colour temperature allows for a range of viewing styles, from natural colours to more artificially tweaked display settings. Choose the "Color Temperature" setting on your menu.

Use the two navigation buttons on the remote control as before to switch between colour temperature settings. You may select "High", "Medium," "Standard" or "Black and White" settings. "Standard" and "Medium" settings are the most common and straightforward, while "Black and White" provides a red hue to the display and "High" provides a blue hue.

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