How to Unlock a Navigon 5100

Written by dan harkins | 13/05/2017
How to Unlock a Navigon 5100
Unlock your Navigon to start exploring. (globe terrestre image by Nicolas D from

The Navigon 5100 is a GPS locator and trip planner capable of storing hundreds of routes and guiding you to most locations in North America and abroad. But you have to unlock the device when you buy it or you won't be able to do anything with it. Start by gathering the right information at the store where you bought the Navigon 5100, then go online to request an unlock code from the manufacturer. Once you get that, you can program your device for full operation.

Activate your service by buying an accessory card or making sure the device you've purchased includes one. Make note of the 15-character activation key on the card. This key is needed for you to receive your unlock code. Now switch on your device by pressing the "On/Off" button, then tap "Options" and "Service Activation" on the main window. Your product ID number should appear on the screen. Write this number down.

Navigate to (see Resources).

Select "Registration & Activation," then "Register Your Navigon Device."

Enter your personal information and select "Activate Your Service Accessory." Enter your e-mail address, product ID and accessory-card activation key. Navigon will display your unlock code as well as send it to your e-mail address.

Tap "Next" on the product ID window of your Navigon 100 max. The Device Unlock window will appear.

Enter the unlock code and tap "OK." The code will have 18 characters. If successful, an "Activation Complete" window will show, indicating your service is now activated. for use. Tap "OK" to begin using your Navigon 5100.

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