Van-Racking Ideas

Written by sarah morgan | 13/05/2017
Van-Racking Ideas
Turn your van into a mobile storage unit with van-racking ideas. (van fano Denmark image by david harding from

Van-racking ideas help individuals and business owners to maximised the space available in the back of their vans. Van racks must be flexible enough to roll with bumps, turns and quick braking while on the road. However, they must also be properly anchored in order to remain fixed and to bear weight.

Tilting Storage

Van-Racking Ideas
Organise small items in your van with ting storage units. (bolts image by Maksim Zinchenko from

Tilting storage units can be affixed to any standard racking unit in order to organise and store numerous small objects, such as nuts, bolts or fasteners. Tilting storage units are comprised of several small drawers that open at a 45-degree angle. Anchor these drawer units to any vertical surface in your van for easy access.

Louvered Racks

Van-Racking Ideas
Mesh baskets can be affixed to standard louvered racks. (roll of mesh image by jimcox40 from

Louvered racks include a standard wall mount coupled with a plastic slatted wall piece that can accommodate several different van-racking accessories. As louvered racks are manufactured to a set industry standard, they are compatible with wide ranges of creative van-racking accessories such as mesh baskets and tilting bins.

Cross Tread Roof Rack

If you need more storage than your van cab allows, cross tread roof racks allow you to utilise the space on top of your ride. Two bar units are anchored to opposite ends of your van roof, allowing you to lay long objects over the top of them and strap them down. Cross tread racks are great for ladders and other items that require a lot of additional storage space.

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