My Toshiba LCD TV High Definition Sound Won't Work

Updated February 21, 2017

Many home TV users switch from traditional TVs to high-definition sets to take advantage of superior picture and sound quality. HDTVs can experience any number of technical issues, however, and they require slightly different troubleshooting techniques than do older, standard-definition TVs. If you use a Toshiba LCD TV and you find that your HDTV is properly displaying the picture but you cannot hear any sound, this is a simple issue that can typically be resolved using a few basic troubleshooting steps.

Press the "Mute" or the "Volume Up" button on the remote control to ensure that sound is not muted. On the Toshiba LCD remote, the "Mute" button is located on the left side of the "Info" and "Recall" buttons, directly under the "Volume Down" control.

Check MTS settings by pressing the "Menu" button on the remote and choosing "Audio Setup" followed by the "Enter" key. If the MTS section of the audio settings is set to anything other than "Stereo," change it to "Stereo" and save changes by clicking the "Done" button at the bottom of the menu. Check your audio.

Reset your high-definition cable by unplugging it from the TV's video input connection panel, located on the back panel of the TV. If you are using an HDMI cable for your high-definition connection, simply remove it; if you are using component HD cables, you need only remove the red and white audio cables since the video cables do not transmit any audio signal. After plugging all cables back in, check your TV to see whether the audio has restored.

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