How to Update Excel Spreadsheet Links

Written by johnathan cronk | 13/05/2017
How to Update Excel Spreadsheet Links
Edit the hyperlink within your Excel spreadsheet to ensure it works properly. (number background image by kuhar from

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet and database program. Within Microsoft Excel, data is organised in cells. A link, or hyperlink, is a shortcut that opens a specific website or document on the Internet or internal server. To access the link, you simply click the cell that contains the link function. When the link needs to be edited, Excel has a built-in link editing function. Excel allows you to edit the link address and also how the link appears in the spreadsheet.

Open Microsoft Excel by double-clicking on the desktop icon or by going to "Start" then "All Programs," locate Microsoft Excel and click once. Allow the program to load.

Go to "File" then "Open." Locate the file to update and click "Open."

Locate the link that needs to be updated on the spreadsheet. Place the cursor on the cell where the link is entered.

Right-click on the link cell, select "Hyperlink" on the options menu, and click once. A small menu will appear off of the "Hyperlink" option. Select "Edit Hyperlink." You will now see the link edit box.

Update the link by making changes to the actual web address. You can also change the way the link will appear in the spreadsheet. Once all changes have been made, click "OK."

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