How to Request a Monetary or Food Donation to My Charity Event

Many businesses are often willing to donate money or food to help charitable organisations. If you are hosting a charity event, requesting donations from local businesses can be a way to supply the food and other items needed. Some businesses want to give back to the community, while others are in need of a tax deduction. Regardless of their motives, their donations can help fund your cause. Approaching businesses with your donation request may seem awkward. With the right strategy, you maintain your comfort, and the business owner avoids feeling pressured.

Locate businesses in the area to contact with donation requests. In addition to eateries and food stores, target other types of businesses to request monetary donations. Write down contact phone numbers and addresses.

Plan what you wish to say to the businesses. Requesting donations can be difficult. It is helpful to prepare a brief statement of what you want to express to the businesses. The goal is to keep it short and to the point. During the phone call, try to establish key information such as who is responsible for community relations and if the business is willing to offer charitable donations in the form of food or money.

Speak to the community-relations manager. Introduce yourself and describe the charitable event needing donations. By the end of the conversation, you should establish whether the business has an interest in donating. You do not necessarily need a firm commitment. Inform the business that you will be following up with more information through the mail. Confirm you have the correct mailing address.

Mail an official donation request letter to the business. The letter should be on the charity's official letterhead as it will serve as the official donation request. Personally address the business and state the charity's mission. Explain how you will use the food or monetary donations at the charity event. You should also include the charity's non-profit status and federal tax identification number for their records. You may also want to note that you will provide a receipt for tax purposes.

Contact the business to follow up several business days later. Ask your contact at the business if he received the letter and if the business can offer a donation.

Bring a receipt to the business when you pick up the donation. After the event, mail a thank-you note to the business.

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