How to Add Voices to a Garmin Nuvi

Updated April 17, 2017

When you spend a lot of time using a GPS, having that same voice give you directions can become annoying over time. Garmin has come up with a solution to this problem through a free add-on feature that gives you the ability to customise the voices on the Nuvi GPS system. In addition to being able to select Garmin's pre-recorded voices, you can also record your own with the voices of your friends and family through the Garmin Voice Studio program.

Connect your Nuvi GPS device to your computer via the USB cable.

Download the Garmin communicator plug-in if you don't already have it installed. The plug-in is free to download on Garmin's official website.

Select a voice to download from Garmin's voices page and click "Install Voice." After installation, you can skip to the step saying "Turn on your GPS." If you would rather record your own custom voice, you can skip this step and move to the next.

Download the Garmin Voice Studio from the Garmin website.

Open the Garmin Voice Studio program and enter a name for the voice, and select the language. Click "OK."

Click "Record" and speak the highlighted text. Click "Stop" when you are finished with the phrase. At this time, you have the options of playing your voice by clicking "Play" and editing your voice by clicking "Trim" to adjust the volume level. Repeat these instructions for each phrase in the list.

Click "Send to GPS."

Select your GPS device in the pop-up window. Click "Send."

Click "OK" in the confirmation window.

Turn on your GPS device.

Touch "Settings."

Select "Language."

Select "Voice."

Choose your favourite voice. Click "OK." Your new voice is now installed and ready to use.


Garmin periodically updates the voices on the company website, so be sure to check for new ones on a regular basis.


Your GPS may run out of memory if you download too much. To prevent this, make sure you insert a microSD card with adequate available memory.

Things You'll Need

  • Personal computer
  • USB connector
  • Garmin Nuvi GPS navigation device
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