How to Convert VPM to MP3

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The VPM file extension is associated with voice files included with Garmin GPS Navigation systems. These voice files are used by the GPS to give users directions, upcoming manoeuvres, distance to destination and more. There is no native program on a computer to read or playback VPM files.

By converting VPM files to MP3, users can play these built-in Garmin voice files on media players like iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player and more.

Download Voice Editor V.08, a freeware executable file that converts Garmin VPM files into WAV (see Resources). Voice Editor is the only software specifically designed to do this. The program converts each of the words that can be spoken by the Garmin system into its own separate WAV file.

Connect your Garmin GPS to a PC. A pop-up window will appear automatically with a list of folders. Browse the list and locate the "Voice" folder. Copy all the VPM files from the Garmin's "Voice" folder that you wish to convert and drag them to a new folder on your PC.

Launch Voice Editor V.08 and click on "File" and then "Open." Select the VPM files you copied onto your PC in Step 2 and then click "Open." Voice Editor will automatically extract the files you selected into WAV files and save them in a new folder.

Download and install a WAV to MP3 converter if you do not already have one on your PC. Programs that do this include CD-DA X-Tractor, Free WAV to MP3 Converter and WAV to MP3 Converter (see Resources). Each conversion program operates in a similarly intuitive way.

Select the WAV files created in Step 3 and load them into the WAV to MP3 converter software. Select the output folder you'd like your MP3 files to be saved to. Adjust the settings to your desired bitrate and click on the "Next" or "Convert" button depending on the software. Your files are now converted to MP3.