How to Connect a Netbook to a TV

Updated April 17, 2017

A large TV screen is much nicer to use to watch television shows, movies and even to surf the web. If you have a netbook and would like to see things on the big screen, just a few cables and connections hooks the netbook to the television. All you need is a netbook with a DVI or VGA port and a television that has either of these ports as well. Follows these quick steps to browse the Internet in large screen mode.

Locate the DVI or VGA ports on the netbook and television. On most netbooks the ports will be on one of the sides, or on the back of the computer. The television has the ports on the back.

VGA ports have three rows of five holes and are usually blue or black. DVI ports have three rows of eight holes on one side, and a single horizontal line on the other side. Both types of ports may or may not have places for screws on either side of the port.

Buy the cables for the connections on the television and netbook. This depends on the ports you have, but there are connection adaptors available if you have one DVI port and one VGA port. Most electronics stores sell the cables, but they are available for online purchase as well. Purchase the Y-shape audio cable, one end for the computer headphones port and two plugs to go into the television.

Connect the cable to the netbook. The ports on most netbooks do not have the screws on the sides of the port. In this case, completely unscrew the screws and just attach the connectors to the port. Secure the connection to the television and screw in the screws. Most televisions do have this type of connection so it does not come loose or detach.

Connect the audio cable to the netbook and television. The Y-shape allows you to connect one end to the headphones port on the netbook and the other end to the red and white ports nearest your DVI or VGA port on the television.

Turn on the television. Using the manufacturer's remote, select "Source" or "Input" until you see the computer screen appear on the television. Consult the specific television model manual for clarification. Use the netbook as you normally would with the television as the netbook's screen.

Things You'll Need

  • DVI or VGA ports
  • DVI or VGA cables
  • Audio Cable
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