How to Wash Polyester

Updated July 05, 2018

Although some individuals find polyester clothing uncomfortable to wear, it has many benefits. Polyester is not only durable, it is also wrinkle resistant. You can pull it straight from the dryer and wear it without ever turning on an iron. Because polyester is a synthetic fibre, however, it must be properly cared for. Too much heat can damage the fabric.

Set your washing machine control to permanent press. Choose warm water if washing white polyester clothing, or cold water if washing coloured polyester clothing.

Add your usual washing powder while the water is filling up. Once full, add your polyester clothing and close the lid.

Open the washing machine lid just when the rinse cycle is about to begin. Add your usual amount of fabric softener. This will help the polyester clothing feel less stiff.

Toss the polyester clothing in the dryer and dry using the low-heat setting. Fabric Direct Online recommends removing the polyester clothing from the dryer as soon as the cycle has completed.


Polyester can also be dry cleaned if you don't want to wash it in your washing machine. Your usual stain stick can be used to pretreat any stains on your polyester clothing.


Never add bleach to your washing machine when cleaning polyester. If your polyester clothing contains glitter and is a knitted garment, you will need to turn it inside out before you place it in the washing machine.

Things You'll Need

  • Washing powder
  • Fabric softener
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