How to Recharge a "Pokemon Gold" Battery

Updated July 20, 2017

"Pokemon Gold" is a video game for the handheld system Nintendo Game Boy Color. When you save games on the Game Boy Color, the dates saves to the game cartridge, not the system. Some game cartridges, like "Pokemon Gold," have a small battery in them which stores large quantities of data. The game cartridge battery also keeps other things in the game's timeline running smoothly, like the time and date. After a few years, the battery in the cartridge dies and needs to be recharged or replaced to keep the game running properly. Cartridge batteries more commonly die when the game has not been played in years.

Put two new AA batteries into your Game Boy Color.

Plug your Game Boy Color AC adaptor/charger into your Game Boy Color and a wall outlet. You may skip this step if you are unable to obtain a charger. While this step assists the recharging process, it is not essential.

Plug your "Pokemon Gold" game cartridge into your Game Boy Color. Turn your game system on.

Leave your game system on. You may play as much as you want. The system must be turned on for the game to charge. This is an automatic process. The cartridge charges itself when the system is turned on. A minimum of 100 hours is required to restore a cartridge to a full charge.


If you recharge the cartridge battery and the game still will not save, remember the time and generally work properly, then it is likely that your battery is damaged. If this is the case you must look into replacing the battery to return the game to normal functioning.


If you do not use a Game Boy Color AC adaptor/charger for this process, you may have to change the system's AA batteries several times before the game cartridge is fully recharged.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 AA batteries
  • Game Boy Color AC adaptor/charger
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