How to make periods bigger on your word document

Updated February 21, 2017

Microsoft Word, the word processing component of all versions of the Microsoft Office Suite, offers the ability to create documents, such as newsletters, postcards, bulletins and letters on screen and bring them to hard-copy life. When you’re looking to really make a point, punch up your punctuation and end your sentences in style with enlarged periods. Word can help streamline tasks like this with tools that perform substitutions for you to save you time.

Open Microsoft Word, click the “File” tab and click “Open.” Browse to the document with the periods to make bigger and double-click the file name. The file opens in a new Word window.

Click the small grey circle icon, located in the bottom right corner of the Word screen. The circle is on the bottom of the scroll bar, in between two small up- and down-pointing arrows.

Click the second option on the flyout screen, the icon of the binoculars, with the word “Find” above it. The “Find and Replace” screen appears.

Click the “Replace” tab. Highlight a period in your document with your cursor and press the “Ctrl” and “C” keys on your keyboard to copy it. Click your cursor into the “Find what” box on the window and press the “Ctrl” and “V” keys to paste in the period, which also pastes in the period’s font size in the document.

Click into the “Replace with” box and press the “Ctrl” and “V” keys again to paste another copy of the period. Highlight the period with your cursor.

Click the “More >>” button. Click the “Format” button under the “Replace” section at the bottom of the window. Click “Font.” The “Font” window opens.

Scroll through the options in the “Size” menu and select a new font size for the periods. Click “OK” when satisfied. Notice that the new font appears under the “Replace with” section at the top of the window.

Click “Replace All.” The Word document instantly updates all of the periods to the larger size.

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