How to Download YouTube Video to RealPlayer

Updated March 23, 2017

There is a way to watch your favourite YouTube videos on Realplayer without being on the Internet. Once you download your favourite YouTube videos to Realplayer, you will be able to use the necessary sources to convert flash files to download to your iPod, MP3 player and more. The steps to download YouTube videos to the latest Realplayer SP are simple and only take a few minutes.

Install the latest Realplayer SP to your computer located on the Realplayer website. Make sure you enable the "Download This Video" option.

Go to the YouTube website and click on any video of your choice. Move the mouse over the video and a prompt will pop up that reads "Download This Video."

Click "Download This Video" to save the video in your Realplayer library. You can view your video downloads from "Downloads & Recordings" under "My Library" in Realplayer.

Install the latest Realplayer SP for Mac to your computer located on the Realplayer website for Mac. You must have Mac OS X 10.5.8 or a later version. Follow the Realplayer installer instructions.

Open Realplayer SP. Once you open Realplayer, open the "RealPlayer Downloader." The Downloader is available in Realplayer under "Window." You can also open the Realplayer Downloader icon on the Realplayer next to the "globe" at the bottom right.

Open the web browser of your choice, preferably Safari or Firefox for Macintosh. Go to YouTube. Find the video that you would like to download in the YouTube search engine and click on the video. Realplayer will automatically pick up the video and it will appear in the "RealPlayer Downloader" box. Press the "Download" button. After your video has downloaded, you will be able to play your video through Realplayer.

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