How to preserve latex balloons filled with helium

Many children's parties and wedding receptions are filled with colourful bouquets of latex balloons. Helium is pumped into the balloons to keep them afloat, but this can last only for a short time. Unfortunately, after one day of fun, the latex balloons will begin to shrink and will eventually burst or fall to the ground. There are several ways preserve a latex balloons filled with helium to prevent the balloon from deflating too quickly.

Cover the balloons with a coat of transparent plastic, water-soluble material designed to protect balloons, such as Hi-Float. This will help protect the outside of the balloon, which will keep it from shrinking quickly or popping.

Avoid using dark-colour latex balloons. The colour will absorb the heat, which will cause the balloons to shrink more quickly. Whenever possible, the best colour of latex balloons to use is white.

Avoid leaving the balloons outdoors overnight. The cool night air will cause the balloons to shrink. Once the heat of the day occurs, the balloons will expand and may pop.

Keep the balloons in a shady area outdoors, especially if the weather is extremely hot.

Avoid overinflating the balloons. Balloons that are slightly underinflated will have the opportunity to expand or contract more easily if there are any changes in the weather.

Avoid using water to cool down balloons that were exposed to hot temperatures. The water will cause the exterior or the balloons to become sticky, which can lead balloons to pop if they come in contact with one another.

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  • Balloon protectant
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