How to Donate Stamps to Charity

Charities help other people when financial situations get tight. Donating stamps to charities allows you to contribute to the cause the charity supports without actually sending cash. By sending stamps to charities, you know exactly what your money is going towards. Any charity that mails out newsletters, cards and handwritten letters or supports those who may not be able to afford postage can use your stamps. Such charities include those that provide pen-pal correspondence to support spiritual needs or organisations that send military care packages over seas.

Purchase first class postage stamps from an authorised postage agent. This can include the US Post Office, large retail grocery stores or mail stores. Purchase the stamps in books of 20 stamps each, or purchase an entire roll of 100 stamps.

Address an envelope large enough to hold the stamps. For example, if you purchased five or fewer books of stamps, then a standard business sized number nine envelope is sufficient. If you purchase a roll of stamps, a larger 6-inch by 9-inch envelope is better.

Put the unused stamps inside the envelope, and include a note that you are sending the postage to help the charity in its cause. Leave your name and mailing address in case the charity is able to send you a giving statement indicating that your donation is tax-deductible.

Send the packaged stamps out in the mail.


If you are not sure whether or not the charity will accept actual unused postage stamps to help with their needs, place a call to the charity first. Nadine Daughtery of Evangel Prison Ministry said, "We'll take stamps, cash, checks; anything you want to send to help out. We'll always take postage stamps." Other organisations might have a specific address to which they want the stamps shipped, instead of their regular mailing address, for more efficiency.


Not all charities can accept or may want postage stamps. If you are sending postage stamps directly to the recipient that will benefit from the charity, instead of directly to the charity, please check with the charity first to make sure that they are sent correctly and that you are not in violation of any rules. Each type of charity has its own rules and local laws or policies it has to abide by. Simple communication will go along way to making sure your stamp donation is effective.

Things You'll Need

  • Postage stamps
  • Envelope, large enough to hold the stamps
  • Pen
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