How to Make Double Balloons

Balloons remain one of the most popular ways of decorating for a children's party or another special occasion. There are countless colours, patterns and types of balloons available to add inexpensive atmosphere to a room. Double balloons, sometimes called bubble balloons, are essentially just smaller balloons suspended inside larger balloons. Although creating double balloons does require some time and patience, they are simple enough to make at home.

Insert one end of the straw or chopstick into the opening of a small-sized balloon, then carefully insert the small balloon into the opening of a large-sized balloon. Use the straw or chopstick to guide the smaller balloon inside the larger one.

Line up the openings of the two balloons, then carefully remove the straw or chopstick.

Inflate the large-sized balloon first, followed by the smaller balloon.

Quickly knot the necks of both balloons at the same time, trying not to lose too much of the trapped air.


Try using transparent or light coloured large balloons, with colourful or patterned smaller balloons on the inside.

Things You'll Need

  • Small balloons
  • Large balloons
  • Plastic straw or chopstick
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