How to charge a Samsung L100 digital camera

Updated February 21, 2017

A Samsung L100 digital camera is powered by a lithium ion rechargeable battery pack that can be charged using power from an electrical socket or computer. The battery pack should be charged as needed to maintain enough power to use the camera.

Slide the latch on the battery chamber cover to the right. Lift up the cover to open it.

Slide the SLB-10A lithium ion battery pack into the battery chamber. The arrow on the battery pack should be facing downward. Lower the battery chamber cover to close it.

Connect the USB cable to the AC adaptor by inserting the larger end of the cable into the adaptor. This will allow you to use an electrical socket for power. Alternatively, you can charge the battery using a USB port on a computer. If you do this, do not attach the AC adaptor to the cord, just attach the USB cord to the USB computer port.

Insert the smaller end of the USB cable into the outlet on the side of the Samsung L100 camera. The LED light on the charger will light up. A solid red light will be displayed, indicating the battery is charging.

Allow the battery to charge until complete. The red battery indicator light will change to green when done. Remove the camera from the charger.

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