How to Replace the Battery in a Garmin Nuvi 205

Updated February 21, 2017

The Garmin Nuvi line of GPS units comes with internal, built-in batteries, each of which requires a special kit to replace. Though the battery is rechargeable and may last the life of your GPS unit, over time it can lose its charge and work only when plugged in. If this happens, you'll need to order a replacement kit. Purchasing the replacement kit buys you a new battery, the tools to install it and a warranty on the new battery's life.

Remove the tools from your Garmin Nuvo 205 battery replacement kit. Lay the new battery aside on a clean surface.

Peel the sticker off the bottom of the GPS unit, and remove the two screws that are revealed.

Insert the plastic tool from your kit, known as a case opener, into the cracks between the top and bottom covers. Run the tool around the edges of the GPS, wiggling the head of the tool up and down as you go. Continue this process until the cover comes loose.

Pry the cover apart gently and lay it flat on the table. The top and bottom pieces are connected by a cable ribbon. Leave the ribbon attached, and do not rip it off when prying the covers apart.

Remove the small, black clip holding the green, metal circuit board in place near the battery. Remove the four screws holding the circuit board down and gently flip it over.

Grasp the red and green wire bundle, consisting of two wires running into a single white piece of plastic, and carefully tug it free from the circuit board. Leave the blue wire, connected to the circuit board in a separate slot, in place.

Lift out the battery. The green and red wires are attached and should lift out. Place the new battery in the same position as the old one.

Hook the green and red wire bundle back into the small white plastic piece. Lay the circuit board back down over the battery with the wires underneath.

Replace the four screws and the black plastic clip to hold the circuit board in place.

Align the top and bottom halves of the GPS and snap them together. Replace the two screws, and turn the unit on to ensure that the battery works. If it does not, contact the company who sold you the battery kit and ask for assistance or a replacement.


The Garmin Nuvi 205 user manual recommends letting the battery run completely out until the unit is dead before charging. This creates longer battery life.


Keep your GPS unit away from direct sunlight or hot areas to help the battery last longer.

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