How to change a battery in a Renault Clio Images

The Renault Clio battery is in plain view in the front left corner of the engine compartment; it is immediately visible and you don’t have to lean right over the engine when lifting it out of its tray. The clamp holding the battery to the tray is between the front passenger wing and the battery making it easily accessible. However, because the battery is heavy and contains sulphuric acid, care and appropriate safety equipment are required when lifting it.

Remove all rings, wrist watches and loose metallic necklaces.The Clio battery terminals are cylindrical posts on the top of the battery, and they do not have insulating covers. Contact between your jewellery and the battery terminals may lead to electrocution and severe burn injuries.

Open the bonnet by first pulling the lever located under the steering wheel and then pulling up the edge of the bonnet nearest to the windscreen. Prop it on the safety support, and locate the battery housed on the passenger side of the car at the front of the engine compartment.

Don safety goggles and strong gloves, then disconnect the black cable from the negative terminal, using either a ring spanner or socket. Undo the retaining nut and then twist and lift the terminal clamp off the terminal. Gently bend the cable back and secure it safely where it cannot come back into contact with the battery terminal. Remove the red cable from the positive terminal in the same way.

Unscrew the nut holding the battery retaining clamp to the vehicle chassis. The nut is at the end of a long metal bolt and removal requires a socket set with an extension arm. Place the nut in a safe place and lift the retaining clamp up and off the battery. Lift the battery free, using both hands and a firm grip.

Clean the contacts on the black and red cables, remove any traces of debris and corrosion from the base of the battery tray using a brush and clean water, and then dry the tray. Fitting the new battery is the reverse of removing the old one. Lift it into place, secure it with the retaining clamp, and then connect the red wire to the positive terminal. Finally connect the black wire to the negative terminal.

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