How to Make an Anime Plushie's Eyes

Updated February 21, 2017

Anime plushies are anime characters in a stuffed animal form popular with anime and manga fans. The plushie is made into anime human characters, animal characters or even inanimate characters depending on the plushie and the preferred character. When making a plushie at home, one of the most difficult problems is the eyes. Anime eyes are large and have different shapes and designs depending on the character.

Mark the fabric for the face. Though it is ideal to have the rest of the plushie finished, if the stuffing is in the plushie, embroidering the eyes is challenging. Leave the fabric for the face free of stuffing. Stuffing the body is fine since it is irrelevant to the eyes.

Draw the face with a pencil or chalk. Use chalk for dark colours and pencil for light colours. These are easily hidden or brushed off the fabric upon completion. Use a reference picture and draw the eyes. Make sure the eyes are placed appropriately in the face by temporarily stuffing the face and looking at the drawn face. Remove the stuffing.

Thread the needles with appropriately coloured embroidery thread. The outline of the eyes is usually black while the inner eye colour should match the reference picture. Some white is used for light reflections in the eye and black is used for the pupil. Start with the eye outline and work inward.

Embroider in small stitches to form the eyes. Follow the drawn lines as closely as possible and fill in the entire area with thread according to the reference picture. Make the front stitches as small as possible. The back is not as important, but place the thread as close to the last stitch as possible.

Tie off the thread at the back upon completion of the sections. All knots in the thread should end up on the inside of the plushie.


There are iron-on eyes available for many popular characters. These are appropriate for the average-sized plushie and require placing the iron-on eyes in the appropriate location and running an iron over the fabric.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil or chalk
  • Reference picture
  • Stuffing
  • Needle
  • Embroidery thread
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