How to Play Karaoke With a Media Player

Written by joanne cichetti | 13/05/2017

Windows Media Player and QuickTime are the default media players for Windows 7 and Mac OS X, respectively. Both these players are capable of playing karaoke music. Mostly, karaoke is available in the form of MP3, MIDI or KAR files. MP3 and MIDI can be played by any player. A KAR file, however, can only be played by specific software programs, and your computer's default application is one of them. The KAR file is actually a combination of MIDI data and text (lyrics displayed in time with music).

Click "Start" > "Windows Media Player," or open "QuickTime" from the dock, if you are a Mac user.

Click "File" > "Open" from the top menu.

Browse and select the karaoke file you want to play on the player.

Click the "Play" button.

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