How to Send Photos to Your Phone

Updated April 17, 2017

Mobile phones are set up on a computer network. Many newer models come equipped with multimedia messaging, or MMS. With MMS you can easily send a picture, and the mobile will open it through this function. If the phone you want to send the photo to doesn't have MMS, you can e-mail the photo to the phone. Each mobile phone is attached to an e-mail address tied to its carrier.

Attach the photo you want to send to the phone in an e-mail.

Resize the photo if necessary. Choose the "Small" option from the resizing list in your e-mail, or manually resize to a maximum of 640 by 320 pixels before attaching.

Address the email to the cell phone number (at) the specific carrier's text domain. Here is a short list for the main carriers in the United States as examples:






Virgin Mobile:


You will need to know the carrier of the mobile you are sending to for the email to work.


Basic cell phone models are not capable of receiving pictures.

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