How do I Identify a Prada Fairy Bag?

Updated February 21, 2017

The Prada Fairy Bag is a limited edition handbag designed by James Jean. The bag is a light coloured handbag available in two sizes. It is made from deerskin leather and features fairies sketched on the bag in black and browns. The bag hit runways in January 2008 and is part of Prada's Spring 2008 collection. The bag has several distinct marks that make it unique and easy to identify.

Feel the Prada Fairy Bag. The bag is made from deerskin leather. Deerskin leather feels soft and supple. The authentic bag will not feel like fake leather, rough or be stiff. If possible, feel deerskin leather and compare it with the feel of the bag. Many purses and gloves are made from deerskin leather.

Examine the style and size of the bag. The bag was only available in a satchel and bowler style bag. The satchel bag is rectangular, whereas the bowler bag has slightly rounded top corners. The satchel bag measures 14 inches by 10 inches by 6 inches. The bowler bag measures 10 1/5 inches by 14 1/5 inches by 6 inches.

Examine the colours and detail on the bag. The primary colour of the bag is white. The inside of the bag features a light pink lining. The design on the bag is done in browns, blacks, golds and burgundies. No other colours are present. The bowler bag features one female fairy, and the satchel bag features one male and one female fairy. The male is on the left side and the female is on the right. Look at pictures of the bag and become familiar with what the bag looks like.

Look at the hardware on the bag. All of the bag's hardware is in a gold colour, including the zipper, parts of the handles, protective feet and the Prada logo. The gold hardware should not be peeling or have flecks missing from it. The rings on the bottom of the handles are solid rings. There should be no breaks or obvious soldering present on the rings. On one side of the bag, there will be a raised logo in gold lettering. It will say "Prada," followed by "Milano" below it and below that, there will be the Prada logo. The bag does not have the triangular Prada logo on it. The four protective feet on the bottom of the bag will have the word "Prada" stamped into them. Additionally, there will be a decorative gold lock on the end of the zipper.

Look on the inside pocket of the bag for a serial number. All Prada bags contain a serial number stamped into the pocket on the inside of the bag.

Take the Prada Fairy bag to a Prada store for inspection. Prada can compare the serial number and advise you as to whether they feel the bag is a fake or authentic.


Prada Fairy Bags retailed for £1,488 and £1,618. This handbag was a limited edition and sold out. They did not go on sale, were not sold at discounted prices and seconds or imperfect bags were not sold. Therefore, if someone is offering the bag brand new for a price much lower for this, it's likely a fake.

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