How to Find a Person by Name & Cell Number for Free

Updated April 17, 2017

Sometimes you have someone's cell phone number and want to find their address. Online people registries allow you to locate a person for free. You have to pay extra for finding out other information such as the person's criminal background.

Use a reverse search website. National Cellular Directory, Reverse Phone Directory and Journalism Net allow you to use the person's cell phone number or name. For free, you receive access to the person's address and other information. Use all three websites for maximum search results or if you have no luck finding the person. Be aware that National Cellular Directory requires you to furnish your name, address, and cell number.

Enter the person's name into the search engine. Use their proper name. For example, enter "James Jacobson" instead of "Jimmy Jacobson."

Enter the person's cell phone number into the search engine. Verify that you typed in the correct numbers. Click "Search" when satisfied.

Wait for the results page to load. Look at the ages of the people listed to find the correct person. Click the person's name to reveal the home address and home phone number.


Respect the privacy of those you are searching for. Use a private investigator if you have no luck finding the person.

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