How to Use the VGA Cord on an LG TV

Updated February 21, 2017

The video graphics array (VGA) cord on the back panel of an LG television is a video input connection point typically used to hook up a computer to the TV set. This connection enables the user to view content from a PC or laptop on the bigger LG screen. Because VGA is a common video output port on computers and laptops, the cable from the LG TV offers a quick and simple way to hook up the components in about a minute.

Turn off the LG TV and the computer.

Connect the VGA cord from the VGA input jack on the rear of the LG TV to the matching port on the back of the computer tower.

Twist the thumbscrews on the sides of each plug clockwise to lock the VGA cord to the components.

Turn on the PC and the LG TV. A desktop computer should immediately output a video signal to the TV.

Press the "Fn" key on a laptop computer along with one of the numbered F keys along the top row. The F key varies with the laptop model but should be printed either with a screen icon or the label "LCD/CRT." Pressing the keys together switches the video from the laptop screen to the LG TV.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer or other video device with VGA output
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