How Do I Send SMS to Singapore?

Written by joanne cichetti | 13/05/2017

Although you can use your cell phone for sending international texts, international texting plans can be quite expensive. A cheaper solution is to send SMS through the Internet. Various websites let you send free messages to anywhere in the world, including Singapore. Some of these websites include Send SMS Now, Page-me and Star Hub's Web SMS service.

Go to your cell phone's main menu, and select "Messages" or "Messaging." Inside this folder, select "Create new" or "Compose," and write the text message you want to send. Then press the "Send" button, and enter the recipient's cell phone number (including Singapore's country code). Once you confirm, the SMS will be sent.

Go to the website Send SMS Now, and select Singapore as the recipient country in the first field. The website will automatically show you the country code, after which you can type in the rest of the number.

Enter your name in the "From" field. Write the message in the "message" box, and click "Send SMS."

Use the website Page-me for sending the SMS. Go to its website, and enter the recipient's cell phone number in the first three separate fields. Also, provide your name and the message you want to send. Then click the "Page me" button to send the SMS.

Send SMS through Star Hub (one of Singapore's telecom companies). The company lets you send free SMS to anybody in Singapore who uses a Star Hub number. When you go to its website, enter your friend's number, message and your name, and click "Send."

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