How to make your own free crossword templates

Written by alex lubyansky | 13/05/2017
How to make your own free crossword templates
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Crossword puzzles offer a popular form of entertainment for linguistic enthusiasts. These puzzles offer an intellectual challenge and can also be educational. You can create your own crossword puzzles for free online. You can then use these puzzles to dazzle friends, family, co-workers and students. Regardless of who you wish to share your puzzles with, you should try to create your own crossword puzzles online to see if you fall in love with the hobby.

Open the free online crossword puzzle maker. This will allow you to create your own crossword puzzle online for free.

Enter the title of your crossword puzzle. Your title will appear at the top of your puzzle.

Enter the number of squares for your puzzle. The default size includes 50 squares of height and width.

Enter the size of your squares. The standard square will be set at 30; make it bigger or smaller if need be.

Enter your words and clues. Each line should start with a word. Follow the word with a space and then your clue for that word. Hit "Enter" to go to your next line and enter your next word and clue. Hit "Create my Puzzle" to generate the puzzle.

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