How do I Refill Ink in a Canon MP140?

Updated February 21, 2017

The Canon PIXMA MP140 is a photo all-in-one printer that uses two ink cartridges for printing: the PG-30 Black FINE Cartridge and the CL-31 Color FINE Cartridge. When the "Black Ink" and/or "Color Ink" light on the console flashes or the "Alarm" light and one of the cartridge lights flash and the error code "E,4" appears on the display, the corresponding ink cartridge is empty. Refilling the ink in your MP140 requires the replacement of a low or empty cartridge with a new one.

Lift up the scanning unit to reveal the printer interior and rest it in an opened position on the support arm while the printer is still on.

Press your finger down on the top front of the low or empty ink cartridge to unlock it from its slot within the ink cartridge carrier--black (left slot) or colour (right slot). Pull it from the slot and set it aside for disposal.

Remove the new Canon FINE ink cartridge from its packaging. Remove the tape from the cartridge.

Hold the new cartridge in front of the slot--electrical contacts facing the slot--with the back of the cartridge angled up and the front angled down slightly. Insert the cartridge carefully into the slot and then push up on the bottom front of the cartridge to lock it into the slot with a click.

Remove and replace the other cartridge if necessary.

Grasp the scanning unit and lift it up to unlock the support arm. Slide the support arm back and then lower the unit into place. Wait for the ink cartridge carrier to return to the right and the automatic print head cleaning to stop--all noise and flashing lights should cease--and then begin printing again.


If an "E,1,6" error message appears on the display, your MP140 can't detect the ink cartridge levels. Double-click the Canon printer icon on the taskbar to open the MP140 status monitor window. Select "View Printer Status" under "Maintenance" to access the main screen and check the cartridge ink level. An exclamation mark image above an ink cartridge means that the ink is low. A circle marked with an "X" means that the cartridge is empty. If you're nearly finished printing and an ink alert occurs, push the "Stop/Reset" button on the console for five seconds to finish printing. If it takes more than 10 minutes to change the cartridges and the carrier automatically moves to the right side of the printer, close the scanning unit and reopen it to return the cartridge carrier to the left side to finish.


Never refill low or empty FINE ink cartridges. Canon doesn't warranty damage caused by a refilled cartridge. Additionally, your MP140 may not work properly or be able to monitor ink levels with a refilled cartridge. Touching any metal parts within the printer or the transparent film, film cable or ink absorber can cause printer malfunction. Touching the print head nozzles or electrical contacts on a new ink cartridge can damage it or cause printing issues. Using the "Stop/Reset" button for five seconds to finish printing doesn't guarantee that the rest of the image will print. The feature simply allows the user to attempt to finish printing if ink levels are low.

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