How to Build a Wrestling Ring for Cheap

Updated February 21, 2017

Professional wrestling matches are among the most-watched shows on television. Amateur wrestlers, who don't pull punches and whose matches never have a predetermined result, often have the same basic skills as professional wrestlers but lack their own wrestling ring, which actually helps protect many of the wrestlers from injury. Wrestling rings can be made for around a couple of hundred dollars. Always wear safety gear while wrestling in your ring and follow all building codes and safety regulations.

Measure out the area of your ring frame. It should be about 12 to 18 feet square. Place a small stick in the ground in the centre of each post area and tie strings to the sticks. Use the triangle to make sure the strings are square.

Use the post hole digger to dig out holes for the post. These should be at least two to three feet deep. Use a prospector's transit to make sure each post is at the same height. Place the posts in the hole and pour wet cement into the holes to hold them in place.

Attach the poles with the beams. Use nails or screws to hold them in place. This creates a solid structure for your ring.

Throw your padding in the ring. This will help create a soft landing for falls and help support your mat. Make sure the surface is even.

Place your plywood on the padding. Plywood is a sturdy wood that can be bought in large amounts at a cheap price. The plywood will need to come in multiple sections. Make sure that it covers the surface area of the entire ring. It should rest on top of the highest support beam.

Nail the mat down to the support beams. Make sure you have built support beams under the mat where seams of two pieces of plywood meet. Nail the mat to these support beams. Make sure the plywood is consistently level and that all gaps are covered with duct tape.

Cover the mat with foam padding. Glue it down to keep it in place.

Cover the mat with a tarp. Wrap its edges under the mat and tie it down as securely as possible. It must be tight and secure.

Wrap your ropes with electrical tape. This helps to cushion the contact between the wrestler and the rope. Buying wrestling ropes can be expensive, but using regular rope can save you money.

Cut grooves in each pole big enough for the rope to fit inside. There will be three ropes, one a third of the way up, another one two-thirds of the way up and the other a few inches down from the top. These grooves will help keep the ropes in place.

Wrap the ropes around each pole into the grooves. Glue a small piece of plywood in place over top of the ropes in each groove to hold them down firmly.

Attach three turnbuckles, one for each rope, at each post. These help cushion falls against the post. They should fit snugly over the top of the ropes.

Things You'll Need

  • Four wooden posts about four inches in diameter and eight feet tall
  • Wooden beams as long as your ring
  • Used tires or mattresses
  • Plywood
  • Tarp
  • 3 ropes
  • 12 turnbuckles
  • Post hole digger
  • Cement
  • Wire
  • Triangle
  • Level
  • Transit
  • Nails or screws
  • Hammer or screwdriver
  • Foam padding
  • Glue
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