How to Get a Torrent Metafile URL

Updated July 19, 2017

Torrent technology allows users to download files such as movies and games form other users on the Internet. A Torrent metafile URL refers to the Web address link to a particular Torrent. This address allows a user to download Torrents without the need for an actual Torrent program. All that is needed is a website that can make use of the URL to hook you into the Torrent without the need to download anything else.

Navigate to the Torrent page for the file you want.

Right-click on the “Download” link for the Torrent. A drop-down menu appears.

Select “Copy link address” from that menu. This saves your URL link on your clipboard. Right-click in a text box and select "Paste” to put the URL link into the box.


The website Bitlet can use Torrent metafile URL info to download your Torrent file. A website like Isohunt lets you search for the Torrent you want.

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