How to Connect Two VGA Cables

Updated February 21, 2017

Two VGA (video graphics array) cables can be joined with an adaptor to create one longer cable for connecting components at a distance, such as a computer to a video monitor. The female-to-female adaptor contains a receptacle on each side for connecting a standard 15-pin VGA plug. The signal passes through the adaptor to the next cable for greater flexibility when setting up a system, such as a computer workstation.

Disconnect the two VGA cables from any equipment before joining the other end of each cable with the adaptor.

Insert the plug on one of the cables with the pins lined up with the holes on one side of the adaptor, then push the parts together. Prevent the cable from pulling out by turning the two bolts on the plug to screw into the threaded holes on the adaptor.

Attach the VGA plug on the second cable to the female socket on the other side of the adaptor and tighten the plug bolts.

Reconnect the far end of each VGA cable to its corresponding component.

Things You'll Need

  • Female-to-female VGA adaptor
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