How to Create a Free Adult Website

Updated March 23, 2017

While creating a website can require plenty of technical knowledge and money, there are a few web hosts that allow you to create free websites. For websites with graphic or content inappropriate for children, check the privacy settings on your website before publishing it to ensure only those of legal age can view it.

At the "Sign Up Now" link on the home page, assign a category such as photography, politics or nightclubs to your website. Click "Select" after browsing the templates for your site.

Enter your name and e-mail address in the fields to register. Create a password to access your website. Click "Continue." Enter a title (displayed in the header) and a domain name (URL address) for your website. Click "Continue."

Click the "Edit Page" link and load content. Click "Save and Publish" when you are ready for the website to go live.

Select the "Get Started Now" link on the home page and type in a username and password for website login information. Enter your e-mail address to register, and click "Next."

Categories such as "Professional Services" or "Business" are found in a drop-down box. Click the "Next" link. Type in a title (displayed in the header) and click "Next" after choosing an appropriate template.

Enter text, upload photos and click "Save and Publish" for the website to go live.

Enter a username and password to access your website at the home page. Enter an e-mail address to register, and click "Continue."

Click on a template at the top of the window for the website. Drag the template into the work space under the templates. Move the boxes for text, photos and other content around by clicking and dragging.

Click on any box to enter text, upload a photo or enter HTML code. Click "Publish" when you are ready for the website to go live.

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