How to reset printer memory

Updated February 21, 2017

Resetting the memory on almost any printer is a simple process. It is variously known as "clearing memory", "cycling the printer" or "resetting the printer". Most printers have a process for this which involves pressing certain buttons or other techniques, but almost all printers can have their memory reset without resorting to poring over manuals or calling tech support. While not 100 per cent effective on every printer model, you should try this method before resorting to anything else.

Turn off your computer. This keeps the computer from registering any errors during the process and protects the entire system from surges.

Turn off and unplug the printer.

Wait at least one minute. This is necessary because just turning it off and on or immediately plugging it back in will not clear data from its memory. Two or three minutes is better.

Plug the printer back in and turn it and your computer back on. The memory should be reset.


This is recommended if you change cartridges, and the printer registers it as empty. It may not know that the old cartridge has been removed until you reset the memory.

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