How to delete iexplore.exe virus

Updated February 21, 2017

The iexplorer.exe is a file used by the Windows operating system to help run Internet Explorer. However, if the file has become corrupt or taken over by a malware file, you need to correct this issue by stopping the file from running on the computer system. This is because the file begins to slow down the entire computer system. This process is a relatively quick procedure.

Hold down "ctrl," "alt" and "delete," then look through all the processes running in the Windows Task Manager. If you see iexplore.exe, select it and click "Remove."

Exit Windows Task Manager, then click "Start" and "Run." If using a Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system, hold down the "Windows" button and "R" to launch the "Run" window.

Type in "MSCONFIG" and click "OK." Deselect the "Load Startup Items" from the menu, then click "OK" and restart the computer.

Click "Start," "(My) Computer" and double-click the "C:" folder. From here choose "Program Files," then "Internet Explorer." Look through the Internet Explorer window for "iexplore.exe." Right-click the file listing and press "Delete" to delete the file from the computer.

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