How to Make a Popsicle Stick Cross

Updated March 23, 2017

After kids finish eating a Popsicle, they often throw the sticks in the trash. However, Popsicle sticks are great to use for all kinds of craft projects. One of the simplest and most inexpensive crafts projects you can make is the Popsicle cross. Kids can do a lot with this craft. It's simple to put together, and it's a way to use those sticks instead of just throwing them out

Wash and dry the Popsicle sticks before working with them. The sticks must be dry so the glue will stick to them.

Cover your table with newspaper. Newspaper will help keep glue off the furniture and tables. It will also give kids a little more freedom because they won't have to worry about messing up anything.

Put the cross together. Lay one stick down on the newspaper, and put a dollop of glue in the centre of the stick. You can use either Elmer's glue or tacky glue according to Kaboose. Keep that stick in a horizontal position. Next, lay the other stick on top of the glue in a vertical position.

Allow the sticks to dry. Either leave the crosses on the newspaper or put them somewhere near the sun. Tell the kids not to bother them for at least 45 minutes.


If you want to get more creative, you wrap yarn around the sticks to hold them together instead of using glue. Because Popsicles usually have a lot of sugar in them, it's a good idea to thoroughly wash the sticks with soap and water to avoid stickiness. After washing the sticks, put them in a dish rack or in a window sill so they can dry out.


If younger kids make the cross, make sure you closely supervise them so they won't swallow or inhale the glue.

Things You'll Need

  • Glue
  • Newspaper
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