How to Connect External Speakers to an Acer Laptop

If you enjoy listening to music or watching videos on your Acer laptop, you might decide to connect a pair of external speakers to your computer to get sound that is louder and more robust. You can purchase a pair of external speakers at any computer or electronics store. Make sure that the jack on the speakers matches the connector on your computer. Hooking up the speakers to your Acer laptop is easy and takes only a couple of minutes.

Situate the external computer speakers close enough to your Acer laptop so that you can connect the audio connector cable to the computer.

Plug the small end of AC adaptor cable into the external speakers. Plug the AC adaptor power cord into an outlet strip or electrical socket.

Insert the 3.5-mm audio plug from the speakers into the green "Line Out" port on the side or rear of the Acer laptop. On some laptops, the port will be easy to identify because you will see an icon of a small speaker or pair of headphones.

Press the power button on the speakers or turn the switch to the "On" position.

Test the speakers by playing a music CD or a movie in your media player program or by launching other applications which produce audible prompts or sounds.

Things You'll Need

  • Powered computer speakers
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