How to Block an Incoming Email Address

Blocking a specific incoming e-mail address is a simple way to decrease unwanted e-mail. It only works if the sender uses the same e-mail address each time. E-mail from blocked senders never appear in your inbox, saving you the headache of having to delete the messages individually. Nearly all e-mail providers offer the option of blocking specific addresses, although the process varies. E-mail addresses remain blocked unless you choose to unblock them later.

Block senders in Hotmail by selecting the "Safe and Blocked Senders" menu from your mail options. Add the email address you want to block to the "Blocked Senders" list to automatically delete messages from that address.

Block incoming e-mail addresses in Yahoo! by clicking "Options" and selecting "Spam." Enter the email address you want to block, and click "Add" to add the individual to your blocked senders list.

Click on the "Sender Filter" option, located in the Spam Settings menu, to block an incoming e-mail address in AOL WebMail. Enter the email address or AOL screen name of the sender you want to block, and click "+" to add it to your block list.

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