How to Add Fade-Out Background Music With Flash

Updated July 19, 2017

Multimedia objects such as animations add greater interest to and enjoyment of a Web page. Adobe Flash allows the inclusion of sound to your animations. Adding complementary music to the background of your page can grab your viewers’ attention and keep them involved. Flash provides many tools to help you control your music, including a fade-out option. This option will help you create a more professional production, especially if you are not looping your music.

Open your Flash source file.

Create a layer by clicking on the “Insert Layer” icon. Find this under the time line. Give the layer a name by double-clicking the layer name area and typing the name, such as “fadesound.”

Choose “File” from the top menu and then “Import” and “Import to Library.” The “Import to Library” browser window opens. Navigate to your MP3 file, select it and click the “Open” button. Your MP3 file will be inserted into the library.

Click on the first frame of your “fadesound” layer. If the “Properties” window is not visible, hit “Ctrl+F3.” From the “Properties” window, click the “Sound” button and choose the MP3 file you imported.

Click the “Edit…” button. The “Edit Envelope Window” opens. Click the “Effect” button and choose “Fade Out.” Click the “OK” button to close this window.

Press “Ctrl+Enter” to test your movie; the background sound in your movie will fade toward the end. If you don’t achieve the desired effect, return to the “Edit Envelope Window” and experiment with the available options.

Things You'll Need

  • MP3 sound file
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